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5 Things You Need to Find Out Before Renting an Apartment in Hua Hin

5 Things You Need to Find Out Before Renting an Apartment in Hua Hin

Living in good and classy apartments seems to be the wish of many people who don’t own homes today. Nonetheless, it is alarming seeing how most people get into a similar ugly trap when looking for apartments. Bigger rooms that can accommodate cocktail parties and good-looking deep purple painting divert the attention of most tenants from other crucial particulars such as monthly fees and landlord’s rules that have serious effects to those who fail to abide with them. Although an apartment rental in Hua Hin looks nice and affordable, it is important to check with the landlord about tenants rights to avoid problems.Find out from your landlord if:

1. You Need a Co-Signer to Become a Tenant

Most landlords today across the world have pre-set financial standards and credit checks that they expect their potential tenants to meet. One of these standards states that roommates should have combined income that surpasses the annual rent of the apartment probably by 40 times. If the roommates don’t meet this credit check requirement, the landlord requires them to look for a co-signer or guarantor who will be responsible for the rent fee they may fail to pay.

2. You Will be Charged for Decorating the Apartment

Every tenant appreciates living in a well-painted apartment because its ceiling, walls, roof and floor look stunning. However, some landlords in some apartments don’t permit their tenants to paint or decorate the apartment without consulting them for security and ownership reasons. In some places, you will need to fill in approval forms from the landlord when you want to hang artwork, drive nails and drills into the walls or even put up wallpapers to avoid losing your deposit when shifting.

3. The Policies Regulating Guests are Friendly

Some landlords are strict on the number of guests you can host in a month. It becomes impossible to sneak in your friends or relatives into the apartment especially if the landlords live in one of the houses there or near those apartments. This makes your social life appear dull especially if you are used to mingling with friends, workmates and family members often.

4. You are Allowed to Get Into the Apartment with Your Pets

A landlord who owns an apartment rental in Hua Hin doesn’t restrict their tenants from bringing in their pets as long as they perfectly observe hygiene and noise rules. Other landlords in other places will strictly forbid pets such as puppies and cats in their apartments. You should also find from the landlord if friends who come to visit you can be allowed in with their pets. If they would be allowed in, find out if there are charges they would pay for their pets that the landlord considers as strangers in the apartment.

5. The Response Towards Any Maintenance Problem is Quick

If a major problem occurs in the apartment, you may suffer a lot if the landlords or managers don’t live on-site or near the apartment rental in Hua Hin. You need assurance from the landlord that they would act swiftly in case there is a problem with the main water meters or electricity switches. Find out if the landlord has contacts of plumbers that are reliable and available at any time in case the plumbing problems occur at night or during the day.

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