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Servicing of your car can be economical and effective

Yes, it is fascinating to buy a car; but having bought the car it is imperative that you should take proper care of the same. The satisfactory functioning of your car is directly related to the effective maintenance of the car. Like many other gadgets, your car also requires periodical servicing. You should take your car to any of the authorized skoda services at periodical intervals. Of course, servicing of a car involves some expenditure. But, it is worth spending that money. But, on some of the models of cars, Skoda has offered a unique warranty of four years/60000 Km. Naturally, such long duration warranty makes servicing of your car much cheaper.

skoda services

Follow the guidelines given in user’s manual:

Every car manufacturer specifies the servicing pattern for every model of car. For example, when you buy new skoda cars, the manufacturer gives you a user’s manual which provides exhaustive details regarding the pattern of servicing of your car. The procedure for skoda services as indicated in the user’s manual mentions issues like changing oil, charging the battery and so on. In some cases, if you do not follow the servicing pattern suggested in the manual, then the manufacturer may even consider the warranty as void. This underscores the importance of periodical servicing of your car.

Servicing after the car has run for specified kilometers:

Skoda services should not be limited to the duration of the warranty. That means even after the warranty period you should get your car serviced by authorized technicians at regular intervals. As a rule of thumb, the manufacturer would suggest that your car should be serviced after it has run for specified number of kilometers. You may scrupulously follow this suggestion irrespective of whether it is a new or old car.

Servicing pattern depends on the model of the car:

Some manufacturers suggest that a car should be serviced once in every 12 months whereas few other manufacturers suggest that the car should be serviced twice in a year. However, the pattern and duration of servicing are always dependent on the specification of the car. Your automobile technician will guide you on this and you should scrupulously follow the suggestion given by the technician.

Advantages of servicing:

Proper maintenance and servicing will enhance the life of your car and instances of breakdown will also reduce. In addition to this, proper servicing of your new skoda cars will also improve the performance of your car. This is true even in the case of used cars.

Look for an authorized dealer:

The ideal approach would be to buy skoda cars from any of the reputed authorized dealers like the Such dealers will have fully equipped workshops with modern state of art machinery. As a matter of fact, the workshop is equipped according to the standards prescribed by the manufacturer of the car.  The authorized dealers also have sufficiently trained and experienced technicians. If your car requires any replacement of parts, the authorized dealer will supply genuine spare parts. Every spare part comes with the appropriate warranty.  In fact, the authorized dealers will also provide roadside assistance. In addition to these, some of the authorized dealers will offer a discount on spare parts and also on the service charges. This enables you to save a considerable amount of money.

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