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Visit the quiet yet beautiful sandy beaches at the Rainbow Beach, Queensland today!

Visit the quiet yet beautiful sandy beaches at the Rainbow Beach, Queensland today!

Rainbow Beach, Queensland is one of the few places where visitors can experience the best of what Australia has to offer. With a population of only 1,000 people, Rainbow Beach is the host to some of Australia’s best-kept secrets. For more information on Rainbow Beach accommodation read on.

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About Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Rainbow Beach is a little known coastal town located in Queensland, Australia, and lies to the east of Gympie. A census conducted during 2011 estimated the population of Rainbow Beach to be around 1103 people. Although the resident population is low, Rainbow Beach is a famous destination among tourists and is a heritage island located on the south-eastern coast of Queensland. But still, you will find plenty of Rainbow Beach accommodation options to stay when you are here.

History and Geography of Rainbow Beach

The Rainbow Beach was formerly known as the Black Beach due to the colored sands that are found near the town. In late 1969, the island was gazetted and established to serve the local sand mining industry. Before the island was built, there were no proper roads to Rainbow Beach, and the only means of access to the island was via a boat from the Tin Can Bay. During the middle of 1976, the sand mining operations were seized, and the island was renovated to serve the recreation and tourism industry. Since that time, a number of tourists from all over the globe have visited the island because of its beautiful yet quiet beaches. The name Rainbow Beach was inspired by the rainbow-colored sand dunes, which surround the island.

According to localities and Kabi people, the dunes were colored when the spirit Yiningie plunged into the dunes as a result of a battle with evil tribesmen. Geologists say that the color of the sands is due to the rich mineral content of the area, which includes zircon, rutile, and monazite. Check Rainbow Beach Accommodation for more details.

The economy of the island

The whole economy of Rainbow Beach and its surrounding areas is dominated by tourism which includes hotels, caravan parks, and motels. There are several fishing accommodations, holiday getaways and retirement homes in and around the beach, which serve as the principal source of income. Although the permanent residentship of the town is limited to about 1000 people, the local tourism department reported an average of 70,000 people visiting the beach on a yearly basis. The tourism tagline of Rainbow Beach is ‘Gateway to Fraser Island as all modes of transportation to Fraser Island leave from here’.

Major Attractions in and around Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach has a number of attractions, and they are as listed below:

·        The colored sand dunes in and around the locality

·        The Great Sandy National Park

·        The Laurie Hanson Park which has the propeller from Cherry Venture displayed.

·        The local war memorial constructed in loving memory of soldiers who lost their lives during the first-world-war.

·        The Double Island Point


Rainbow Beach is a great destination for tourists and all people in general who want to avoid the chaos of a busy city. Visit for details on various Rainbow Beach accommodation options to stay.

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