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Your Ultimate Checklist When Finding the Best Removalist in Sydney

Your Ultimate Checklist When Finding the Best Removalist in Sydney

Moving a house or office is a daunting process, but it can be less stressful when you start off on the right foot. That means, hiring the best removalists in Sydney who can get the work done smooth, plain-sailing and totally convenient for you.

Here are five handy tips to guide you when searching for reliable and highly established removalists in Sydney:

1. Do you research

It won’t hurt spending a little of your time researching for top movers in your town. Start by doing some informal research to see which removal services perform an excellent job. You may ask recommendations from friends, coworkers or even your neighbors who have had enlisted the services of professional movers in the past. Once you are able to list down your potential removal companies, contact each one of them and seek for references. If they offer references, call those references and ask relevant questions, such as the punctuality and professionalism of the movers – as well as the type of services they provided.

2. Perform an initial screening

After a careful research, narrow down your list into three to five moving companies. Then, do a quick background check. Start by contacting a local business bureau or a national moving association to see if the removalists are accredited members. Being a member of a trusted organisation means that these companies abide by the rules and participate in any of the organisation’s arbitration program. You may also want to visit online forums to know which companies are blacklisted or poorly-rated. While you are at it, make sure to check for recent consumer complaints.

3. Ask for a quote

Given that you already have gotten a good list of professional removalists in Sydney, it’s time to meet them in person to ask for a quote or an estimate of how much your transit will cost. It will be much wiser to accept an estimate in-person than over the phone. That said, have a relocation agent visit your home to check every one of your items and belongings you wish to transport. It is also essential that you walk them through the details of the services you need during the transit. Do you need people to pack and unpack your things or will you be able to do the tasks yourself? Do you want the company to handle your move from start to finish or only a portion of it?

4. Get Insurance

You would want to have every single item of your furniture and belongings reach the new destination safe, unscratched and intact. And as such, make sure to purchase a relocation insurance before the move commences. Depending on the type of coverage you need, the insurance can guarantee that your things are protected and covered while they are on the road between homes. Since there can be a variety of insurance packages you can choose from, make sure you buy the one that will fit your requirements.

5. Consult Better Home Removals

For a stress-free move, contact Better Home Removals, one of the leading removalists in Sydney who pride themselves on being ultimate problem solvers. They plan every step of your transit to make sure everything goes well according to your needs.

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